Engineering Services

We offer specialized technical services business to business in engineering design, product development, rapid prototyping (see photo) drawing creation and 3-D solid modeling, patenting, and manufacturing, both high and low volume production.

Product Development

Behrens has originated and assigned intellectual property to other parties as follows: 

Patents one and two are for a special bearing design that allows light thrust loads to be handled by a needle bearing--which normally can sustain only a radial load. 

Patent three is for a hospital patient lifting device that can:
  • lift a fallen, heavy patient from the floor
  • straddle a bed or operating table for patient transport
  • carry ancillary equipment such as monitors, oxygen, etc.
  • include a privacy curtain and call chime
  • weigh the patient being carried, for dosing considerations

Patent five is for a single tube holder, in the laboratory products market.

Do you need help designing or building or manufacturing your mechanical device, whether electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic and metal, plastic, rubber or wood? 

MCAD Expertise in Inventor, SolidEdge, SolidWorks and AutoCAD with industry expertise in the following fields:
▪ automotive ▪ process ▪ woodworking ▪ manufacturing ▪ business and project management ▪ electronics ▪ machine design ▪ automation ▪ consumer products ▪ laboratory equipment ▪ medical devices ▪ industrial silencers ▪ bearings ▪ elastomerics ▪ CAD software

Design Validation

We've all known brilliant designers who work only in 2-D!  That leaves the validity of their designs up to these two factors: 

  • Their skill
  • Luck

And while this often works out, many times it does not.  Things don't fit. Parts cut in steel interfere.  Fabrication weldments have to be ground off and moved, which means something else might have to be moved too.  Are you willing to leave the success of your build vulnerable to human error?   

Using the 3-D solid modeling methods I employ exclusively--I will literally build your design into a 3-D "model" on my computer, where we can check to see that everything fits properly--BEFORE you build it physically.  How much will that add up to in saved time and cost for you? 

Machine Rebuilding

From industrial edgebanders to small engines and automotive applications--a mechanical engineering approach to rebuilding and restoring mechanical devices works every time. (Photos coming soon)

Articles Published or Featured in

Modular Cabinet Systems (About Charlotte, Wood & Wood Products)
Plant Safety and Maintenance acoustics article

University Client

We have worked with Queen's University, in Kingston, Canada and Union Graduate College, Schnectady, NY.

The Experience Gap

Recent engineering graduates likely have a few hours of solid modeling exposure during their studies. While this is a good start, they lack the wisdom, insight and experience that can only be gained with "hands on" wrenches and machines over decades.  

As a matter of fact, 3D printed prototypes often are not feasible for manufacture using the high volume production methods necessary to achieve low cost and economy of scale! Beginners cannot bridge this gap if they do not yet posses the specialized knowledge necessary.

And many veteran professionals still work in the old 2-D software packages--such as classical AutoCAD. That's comparable to relegating your office communications to a FAX machine.

What's the point?  As a seasoned mechanical engineer with decades of experience, we use only 3-D solid modeling software in all our work. The value we offer yields the best of both worlds:
  • Diverse industry experience
  • 3-D solid modeling expertise

Can you afford to miss out on this added value on your next project? 

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Stereo Lithography (3D Printed) models used for "lost wax" sand casting to pour molten aluminum to make our Power Shifter® bearing housings.