Help For Inventors!

Are you ready to make your exciting idea happen at last?  Either we can help you directly, or we'll point you in the right direction.

Our president is a Mechanical Engineer (BSME, P. Eng.) and a multiple award-winning product developer with 30 years of diverse industrial experience.  He holds five US patents plus another pending.

We offer expertise in the following fields:

▪ automotive ▪ process ▪ woodworking ▪ manufacturing ▪ business and project management ▪ electronics ▪ machine design ▪ automation ▪ consumer products ▪ laboratory equipment ▪ medical devices ▪ industrial silencers ▪ bearings ▪ elastomerics ▪ CAD software

Let's move forward and create your concept: 

a) We will evaluate your idea in terms of the market and provide guidance. 
b) Together, we'll bring your idea to fruition. 
c) Patent arrangements are easily made, if applicable.

Your IDEA or BUSINESS SUCCEEDS because we provide:

▪ Leadership and Project Management so you can avoid common and costly inventor pitfalls
▪ CAD design in 3D solid models immediately ready for 3D printing (SLA or SLS)
▪ Prototypes, including machined wood, steel, aluminum, plastic and elastomerics
▪ Expert advice, reverse engineering, creative solutions
▪ All drawings, technical writing, patent application drafts
▪ Product testing
▪ Design validation through Motion Simulation and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) where applicable
▪ Virtual marketing images and video clips directly from CAD software
▪ Production sourcing when your product is ready to launch

FREE 30-minute consult so you can answer some key questions to help determine viability and how we can best assist you.

Please contact us via e-mail or call 845-558-4383.

Thanks for your interest; we look forward to speaking with you.


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