2006 Debut

Nascent Design Inc. introduced our patent-protected, rapid change engine mounting system at the 2006 International Lawn & Garden Expo in Louisville, KY.

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Rental Industry Award in 2007

Power Shifter® won the distinction of Rental Equipment Register magazine's Innovative Product Award 2007  Twelve industry experts selected Power Shifter® as the most innovative in all 11 categories, naming it the Grand Winner.  We were featured on the cover of the December 2007 issue.    

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We've recently completed design on a new baseboard heating system for a client; watch for it at Lowes and Home Depot soon! 

Other current projects include an enhanced helmet protection system, a pet product, a household product, and a lawn & garden product.  Stay tuned!

Nascent Design Inc. endeavors to offer a complete line of residential machines under the Power Shifter® brand, including:

  • Lawn Mower
  • Snow Thrower
  • Generator
  • Chipper Shredder
  • Pressure Washer
  • Tiller
  • Log Splitter
  • Water Pump

All sharing one, great LCT 208cc Maxx engine or optional Subaru-Robin EX17 CARB engine, all Power Shifter® compatible.  It literally turns your engine into a Super Hero Work Fiend...

Stay tuned for further information!  Go to our contact page and sign up for e-mail updates.  

Isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?  If so, how's this from Troy-Bilt, introduced March 26, 2015?  Or a Sears ad ffrom December 2013?
Introducing NDI Mask Savers™ - Our patent pending, removable straps allow you to reuse N95 and surgical masks, and to improvise a face masks from any scarf or cloth.  Order yours today!